Peter J. Plath

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We present different methods to characterise the decay of beer foam by measuring the foam heights and recording foam images as a function of time. It turns out that the foam decay does not follow a simple exponential law but a higher-order equation ln V (t) = a − bt − ct 2.5 , which can be explained as a superposition of two processes, that is, drainage and(More)
Recommended by Andrei Volodin For the description of complex dynamics of open systems, an approach is given by different concepts of majorization order structure. Discrete diffusion processes with both invariant object number and sink or source can be represented by the development of Young diagrams on lattices. As an experimental example, we investigated(More)
Recommended by Leonid Berezansky Based on Ruch's concept of diagram lattices formed by Young diagrams we investigated the possibility to transform incomparable diagrams into comparable ones by means of vector catalysis. Ruch's diagram lattices allow a very general description of comparing frequency distributions by their mixing-character as an order(More)
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