Peter J. Osler

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In this paper I describe two sets of two large ASIC chips that have recently been processed from netlist to final design by the Semi-Custom Design Team part of IBM's World-Wide Design Center. I address issues such as why the parts were selected for special handling, the issues with the designs that required custom engineering, and the special techniques(More)
Logic synthesis is the process of automatically generating optimized logic level representation from a high-level description. With the rapid advances in integrated circuit technology and the resultant growth in design complexity, designers increasingly rely on logic synthesis to shorten the design time, while achieving performance objectives. This paper(More)
One of the often-overlooked aspects of Moore's law is that it is predicated solely on device performance scaling linearly with dimension. Yet scaled interconnect performance has remained essentially constant. The physics of the problem is rather brutal; while capacitance drops with the reduced length of interconnect, its resistance rises and the RC time(More)
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