Peter J. Lewis

Andrew N. Keller2
Geoff P Doherty1
2Andrew N. Keller
1Geoff P Doherty
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Pausing during transcription elongation is a fundamental activity in all kingdoms of life. In bacteria, the essential protein NusA modulates transcriptional pausing, but its mechanism of action has remained enigmatic. By combining structural and functional studies we show that a helical rearrangement induced in NusA upon interaction with RNA polymerase is(More)
BACKGROUND Fluorescent proteins are powerful molecular biology tools that have been used to study the subcellular dynamics of proteins within live cells for well over a decade. Two fluorescent proteins commonly used to enable dual protein labelling are GFP (green) and mCherry (red). Sporulation in the Gram positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis has been(More)
In Bacillus subtilis, RNA polymerase becomes concentrated into regions of the nucleoid called transcription foci. With green fluorescent protein-tagged RNA polymerase, these structures are only observed at higher growth rates and have been shown to represent the sites of rRNA synthesis. There are 10 rRNA (rrn) operons distributed around nearly half of the(More)
Members of the genus Acinetobacter have been the focus recent attention due to both their clinical significance and application to molecular biology. The soil commensal bacterium Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 has been proposed as a model system for molecular and genetic studies, whereas in a clinical environment, Acinetobacter spp. are of increasing importance(More)
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