Peter J. Kootsookos

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Fundamental matrix estimation is a central problem in computer vision and forms the basis of tasks such as stereo imaging and structure from motion. Existing algorithms typically analyze the relative geometries of matched feature points identified in both projected views. Automated feature matching is itself a challenging problem. Results typically have a(More)
An algebraic curve is defined as the zero set of a multivariate polynomial. We consider the problem of fitting an algebraic curve to a set of vectors given an additional set of vectors labelled as interior or exterior to the curve. The problem of fitting a linear curve in this way is shown to lend itself to a support vector representation, allowing(More)
Hidden Markov models using the Fully-Connected, Left-Right and Left-Right Banded model structures are applied to the problem of alphabetical letter gesture recognition. We examine the effect of training techniques, in particular the Baum-Welch and Viterbi Path Counting techniques, on each of the model structures. We show that recognition rates improve when(More)
We present several ways to initialize and train Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) for gesture recognition. These include using a single initial model for training (re-estimation), multiple random initial models, and initial models directly computed from physical considerations. Each of the initial models is trained on multiple observation sequences using both(More)