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In a case studies approach to computer architecture education, there is a need for small-scale simulation exercises to illustrate significant concepts and to provide hands-on student experience with architectural tradeoffs. Two such exercises are discussed, and one is described in some detail. The exercises cover virtual memory and multiprogramming systems'(More)
The Y2K problem or the Millennium Bug represents the single largest problem ever faced by the computing community and, according to some pundits, the largest problem ever to be solved by humankind. Due to widespread media coverage, students at all levels are aware of the Y2K problem and have concerns about what it means for them and for their futures. We as(More)
John Lewis position Java will have a positive influence on software engineering practices at several levels. However, Java can also lead to software that lacks certain desirable qualities. The burden is still on educators and practitioners to uphold the best ideals. At least Java provides several language-based elements that directly support these(More)
"Computer Design Development: Principal Papers" Earl E. Swartzlander, Jr., (ed) Hayden Book Company, Inc., 1976 CR CATEGORIES: 6.1,6.2,6.3 This book is a collection of 19 papers covering the three areas of logic design, arithmetic algorithms and computer architecture. The papers selected for inclusion are classics in their respective areas, usually because(More)
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