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Cantilever sensors have attracted considerable attention over the last decade because of their potential as a highly sensitive sensor platform for high throughput and multiplexed detection of proteins and nucleic acids. A micromachined cantilever platform integrates nanoscale science and microfabrication technology for the label-free detection of biological(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would first like to thank the good Lord for supplying His grace to finish this work. The Lord has provided people of excellence to help complete the present thesis. First, I would like to thank my lead research advisor, Dr. Comas Haynes, for loving me as his "academic son." Without Dr. Haynes' love, guidance, and support, this work(More)
This paper presents work on the development of a microfluidic device using super-paramagnetic beads for sampling and mixing. The beads are manipulated via an external rotating permanent magnet in a microfluidic channel. Efficient mixing is achieved in a short distance with this method. Modeling shows the variables which influence the mixing are flow rate,(More)
In this work we present a high performance micro gas chromatograph column with a novel two dimensional axial heating technique for faster and more precise temperature programming, resulting in an improved separation performance. Three different axial resistive heater designs were simulated theoretically on a 3.0 m × 300 μm × 50 μm column for the highest(More)
for their time and efforts in reviewing the proposals and dissertations and their helpful advices. My sincere gratitude goes to DARPA and Intel Corporation for their financial support. I would also like to thank the University of Maryland College Park for their financial support in the form of Graduate School Fellowship. I would also like to take this(More)
iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my advisor Dr. Suresh K. Sitaraman for his encouragement and support throughout my Master's program. His advice has helped me advance both academically and professionally. I would also like to thank Dr. Tentzeris, Dr. Hesketh and Dr. Bhattacharya for agreeing to be on my thesis committee. I would like to thank Dr.(More)
S ensors and sensor systems are vital to our awareness of our surroundings and provide safety, security, and surveillance, as well as enable monitoring of our health and environment. A transformative advance in the field of sensor technology has been the development of smart sensor systems. The definition of a smart sensor may vary, but typically at a(More)