Peter J. Hesketh

1Shahid Saeed
1Hossein Sojoudi
1Anne Mallow
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This paper presents work on the development of a microfluidic device using super-paramagnetic beads for sampling and mixing. The beads are manipulated via an external rotating permanent magnet in a microfluidic channel. Efficient mixing is achieved in a short distance with this method. Modeling shows the variables which influence the mixing are flow rate,(More)
In this work we present a high performance micro gas chromatograph column with a novel two dimensional axial heating technique for faster and more precise temperature programming, resulting in an improved separation performance. Three different axial resistive heater designs were simulated theoretically on a 3.0 m × 300 μm × 50 μm column for the highest(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I acknowledge God for His many blessings in bringing me to this point of achievement in my life. I wish to thank Dr. Samuel Graham, my advisor in this long journey, for giving me the opportunity to study under him and for his technical guidance as well as his remarkable patience with me. Dr. Anusha Venkatachalam was also instrumental in my(More)
A novel experimental approach is used for studying the response of ethanol-suspended SnO(2) nanobelts under the influence of low frequency ac electric fields. The electrically generated forces are estimated by analyzing the angular motion of the nanobelt, induced by repulsive forces originating predominantly from negative dielectrophoresis (DEP) on planar(More)
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