Peter J. Harley

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Platelet count and volume were measured in man (n = 51) and rat (n = 9). Bone marrow megakaryocyte nuclear and megakaryocyte planimetric areas were measured in man (n = 11) and rat (n = 9). Megakaryocyte cytoplasmic volumes were computed from the planimetric areas. Rat had a significantly higher (p less than 0.001) mean megakaryocyte cytoplasmic volume than(More)
The Sheffield knee arthroscopy training system (SKATS) was originally a visual-based virtual environment without haptic feedback, but has been further developed as a mixed reality-training environment through the use of tactile augmentation (or passive haptics). The design of the new system is outlined and then tested. In the first experiment described, the(More)
AbsfractThe feasibility of matching templates representing map features to features in Synthetic Aperture Radar images is investigated. The performance of template matching using crosscorrelation (which has no knowledge of speckle) is compared with a correlation measure, based on a Kolmogorov-Smirnov test of fit, which does take speckle into consideration.(More)
This paper considers tactile augmentation, the addition of a physical object within a virtual environment (VE) to provide haptic feedback. The resulting mixed reality environment is limited in terms of the ease with which changes can be made to the haptic properties of objects within it. Therefore sensory enhancements or illusions that make use of visual(More)
Normally, cells reproduce by mitosis. In mammals, a system has evolved that is unique to cell biology. The circulating blood cells called platelets are produced from parent cells called megakaryocytes, but the mechanism of platelet production is not mitosis. At present, both the site and mechanism of production are still debated. This article describes a(More)
In this paper an example of Virtual Reality (VR) system design in a safety-critical training domain is discussed. In particular, a model for design is presented. This model seeks to create operational definitions of risk in the surgical domain. Perhaps more importantly, it also seeks to discover operational predictors of the risk of technology-transfer(More)
A computer program is constructed which models the production of platelet volumes from megakaryocyte cytoplasmic volumes by random binary sequential division. The volume distributions that are produced are compared with measured platelet volume distributions in rat, rabbit and man. These platelet volume distributions depend on the fragmentation pattern and(More)
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