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Skew orthogonal polynomials arise in the calculation of the n-point distribution function for the eigenvalues of ensembles of random matrices with orthogonal or symplectic symmetry. In particular, the distribution functions are completely determined by a certain sum involving the skew orthogonal polynomials. In the cases that the eigenvalue probability(More)
The scaled distribution of the smallest eigenvalue in the Laguerre orthogonal and symplec-tic ensembles is evaluated in terms of a Painlevé V transcendent. This same Painlevé V transcendent is known from the work of Tracy and Widom, where it has been shown to specify the scaled distribution of the smallest eigenvalue in the Laguerre unitary ensemble. The(More)
Our interest is in the cumulative probabilities Pr(L(t) ≤ l) for the maximum length of increasing subsequences in Poissonized ensembles of random permutations, random fixed point free involutions and reversed random fixed point free involutions. It is shown that these probabilities are equal to the hard edge gap probability for matrix ensembles with(More)
Tracy and Widom have evaluated the cumulative distribution of the largest eigenvalue for the finite and scaled infinite GUE in terms of a PIV and PII transcendent respectively. We generalise these results to the evaluation of˜E N (λ; a) := N l=1 χ (l) (−∞,λ] (λ − λ l) a , where χ (l) (−∞,λ] = 1 for λ l ∈ (−∞, λ] and χ (l) (−∞,λ] = 0 otherwise, and the(More)
The real Ginibre ensemble consists of random N x N matrices formed from independent and identically distributed standard Gaussian entries. By using the method of skew orthogonal polynomials, the general n-point correlations for the real eigenvalues, and for the complex eigenvalues, are given as n x n Pfaffians with explicit entries. A computationally(More)
We consider Hermite and Laguerre β-ensembles of large N × N random matrices. For all β even, corrections to the limiting global density are obtained, and the limiting density at the soft edge is evaluated. We use the saddle point method on multidimensional integral representations of the density which are based on special realizations of the generalized(More)