Peter J. Dortmans

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Nonlocal coordinate space optical potentials for the scattering of 65 MeV protons from nuclei ranging in mass from 6Li to 238U have been defined by folding a complex, medium dependent effective interaction with the density matrix elements of each target. The effective interaction is based upon solutions of the Lippmann–Schwinger and(More)
Data for the scattering of 6He, 8He, 9Li, and 11Li from hydrogen are analyzed within a fully microscopic folding model of proton-nucleus scattering. Current data suggest that of these only 11Li has a noticeable halo. For 6He, we have also analyzed the complementary reaction 6Li(γ, π)Hegs. The available data for that reaction support the hypothesis that 6He(More)
This report provides a framework that supports the capture, classification and collation of technological trends and innovations from their earliest appearance right through to their impact on military thought, both directly, through military application, and indirectly, through impacts on the future context. The approach is centred on postulated(More)
Sturmian eigenstates specified by stationary scattering boundary conditions are particularly useful in contexts such as forming simple separable two nucleon t matrices, and are determined via solution of generalised eigenvalue equation using real and symmetric matrices. In general, the spectrum of such an equation may contain complex eigenvalues. But to(More)
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