Peter J Derrick

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BACKGROUND Human S100A12 is a member of the S100 family of EF-hand calcium-modulated proteins that are associated with many diseases including cancer, chronic inflammation and neurological disorders. S100A12 is an important factor in host/parasite defenses and in the inflammatory response. Like several other S100 proteins, it binds zinc and copper in(More)
Curiously journals of mass spectrometry for me always have seemed to have something to do with Australia. I migrated from England to Australia in 1975 to work with one of the eminent " Jim's " in mass spectrometry in Australia—Jim Morrison in Melbourne—and later moved to be with the other " Jim " in mass spectrometry in Australia—Jim Shannon in Sydney.(More)
A novel nano-electrospray emitter has been developed containing two separated channels running throughout the length of the emitter. The emitters have been fabricated from "theta-shaped" borosilicate capillaries. Loading of different solutions into the two different channels opens up the possibility to study short timescale interactions within a Taylor(More)
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