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The Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD) is a valuable tool for time-frequency signal analysis. In order to implement the WVD in real time, an efficient algorithm and architecture have been developed which may be implemented with-commercial components. This algorithm successively computes the analytic signal corresponding to the input signal, forms a weighted(More)
— To achieve unlimited concurrency and hence throughput in an area-efficient manner, a sliding block Viterbi decoder (SBVD) is implemented that combines the filtering characteristics of a sliding block decoder with the computational efficiency of the Viterbi algorithm. The SBVD approach reduces decode of a continuous input stream to decode of independent(More)
The IS-856 system delivers high spectral efficiency on the forward link by using dynamic link adaptation, hybrid ARQ and multiuser diversity scheduling. The channel coding/modulation scheme used on the forward link is designed to support incremental redundancy for hybrid ARQ, while maximizing the coding gain over static channels. This paper presents the(More)
Clinical exemplars enable nurses to demonstrate the critical thinking and decision making that define the delivery of excellent patient care. Exemplars are an important tool for making the invisible work of nursing visible to nursing colleagues, other health care professionals, and the health care consumer. In today's climate of health care reform, nurses(More)
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