Peter J. Barry

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Factors affecting a lender's decision to grant farmers operating credit in North Dakota are quantified in an intertemporal loan profitability model using stochastic dynamic programming. Experimental data obtained from a panel of lenders demonstrates the sensitivity of an optimal policy to changes in a lender's discount rate, a borrower's repayment status,(More)
There are several methods available to the clinician to assess severity of lung disease in cystic fibrosis (CF). Here we present a case where several of these modalities appeared to be discordant. As in this case, many assessments of respiratory status may be necessary to fully evaluate patients with CF. Spirometry may be insensitive to significant changes(More)
The study measures farm credit risk by using farm records collected by Farm Business Farm Management (FBFM) during the period 1995-2004. The study addresses the following questions: 1) whether farm " s financial position is fully described by the structure model, 2) what are the determinants of farm capital structure under the structure model, 3) how to(More)
A griculture and other sectors of rural America present special challenges to financial markets. These sectors typically are capital intensive, geographically dispersed , and limited in scale and scope of business operations. They are subject to seasonal and cyclical swings in economic conditions, often resulting in liquidity problems at lending(More)
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