Peter J. Barham

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There is increasing interest in the acquisition and measurement of physical fitness in general populations (Bassey and Fentem 1981). Measuring fitness can be uncomfortable and exhausting for subjects and expensive and time-consuming for experimenters (Andersen et al. 1971). Various authors have described and/or evaluated methods for the prediction of VO2(More)
In recent years, studies of person-disorder interactions, of problems of identity among discharged patients, and of subjective experiences of schizophrenia have made important contributions to our understanding of the posthospital fate of people with severe mental illness. Building on an earlier study of the experiences of a group of former mental patients(More)
A method of reporting water quality and assessing compliance with targets, based on the Biological Monitoring Working Party score system, is proposed. The use of the technique enables biologists to present operations managers, and other professionals, with quality data from any freshwater habitat in the form of a simple index. Results obtained can be(More)
Colonial breeding is characteristic of seabirds but nesting at high density has both advantages and disadvantages and may reduce survival and fecundity. African penguins (Spheniscus demersus) initiated breeding at Robben Island, South Africa in 1983. The breeding population on the island increased in the late 1990s and early 2000s before decreasing rapidly(More)
The kitchen is a laboratory and cooking is an experimental science. When we cook we generally follow a recipe (either written or from memory); we select, quantify and process the ingredients and then serve the food to our friends, family or guests. A good cook (or scientist) will keep records in a notebook of exactly what they do so that they can repeat the(More)
People who enjoy good food (and this, we are sure, includes most of us) live in exciting times as the quality and availability of foodstuffs has never been better across the developed world; chefs are taking advantage of the many opportunities to use novel ingredients to provide ever more enticing dining experiences and many also take advantage of the(More)