Peter J. Barclay

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Model-based user interface development environments show promise for improving the productivity of user interface developers, and possibly for improving the quality of developed interfaces. However, model-based techniques have rarely been applied to the important area of database interfaces. This lack of experience with data intensive systems may have led(More)
Model-based user interface development environments aim to provide designers with a more systematic approach to user interface development using a particular design method. This method is realised through tools which support the construction and linkage of the supported models. This paper presents the tools which support the construction of the Teallach(More)
Model-based systems provide methods for supporting the systematic and efficient development of application interfaces. This paper examines how model-based technologies can be exploited to develop user interfaces to databases. To this end five model-based systems, namely Adept, HUMANOID, Mastermind, TADEUS and DRIVE are discussed through the use of a(More)
This paper describes the implementation of a bathymetric synthetic aperture sonar and presents preliminary results from sea trials of the sonar. The sonar is designed for high resolution seafloor imaging in a shallow water environment. This is achieved through coherent summation of successive echo signals to synthesise an aperture many times longer than the(More)