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eNOS: endothelial nitric oxide synthase Hcy: homocysteine NO: nitric oxide VEGF: vascular endothelial growth factor INTRODUCTION This report shows a positive therapeutic effect of high-dose folic acid plus vitamins B6 and B12 on a patient with palmar plantar pustulosis. Improvement was likely through modulation of homocysteine (Hcy) and nitric oxide (NO)(More)
We studied six infants and two adult cases of nodular scabies with immunostains and electron microscopy. All eight cases have had either direct (KOH) or family histories of scabies and were treated with lindane 1% cream or permethrin 5% cream. Family members responded very well, but our patients developed multiple papulo-nodular lesions which were initially(More)
Spiny keratoderma is a dermatosis consisting of multiple projections located on the palms and soles, with a distinct histology characteristic of a parakeratotic column above a hypogranular epidermis. We report six cases discovered within a year and review the present literature on spiny keratoderma. The average age of the patients was 57 years. Fifty-seven(More)
The daily intake of FA of 5% Americans age 50 and over and in one study of psoriatic American women is about 1 mg. A patient with plaque psoriasis on 10 mg lisinopril did not improve on vitamins B12 and B6 alone. When folic acid 5 mg daily was added PASI improved 50%. Three cases of plaque psoriasis flared when given 1-2 mg folic acid (FA), 100 mg vitamin(More)
A patient presented with a frontal nodule of the scalp. Histopathological examination revealed a myxomatous multilobulate tumor composed of epithelioid cells with variable pleomorphism. Perineurium-like structures were seen but only around isolated lobules located at the tumor periphery. Electron microscopy revealed polygonal cells and cells with elongated(More)
A patient presented with dysphagia, arthralgias, and a peculiar skin eruption characterized by histopathologic features of sarcoidal granulomas and lupus erythematosus occurring in the same lesion. Sarcoidal granulomas were also found in skeletal muscle. The unique histopathologic features of this case suggest that coexistence of sarcoidosis with autoimmune(More)