Peter Jörg Plath

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Lärm gefährdet die Gesundheit. Heute muß festgestellt werden, daß eine erhebliche Gefährdung durch Freizeitlärm, insbesondere bei Kindern, Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen, besteht. Epidemiologische Untersuchungen an Jugendlichen, die noch keiner beruflichen Lärmbelastung ausgesetzt waren, lassen steigende Zahlen mit nachweisbaren, irreversiblen(More)
We recruited 46 adult patients affected by disturbing tinnitus lasting for at least 3 years. All were treated with a combined counseling protocol constituting hypnotherapeutic and muscle relaxation techniques. We randomly assigned 26 patients to the group receiving low-level laser stimulation treatment and 20 to the placebo group. The laser power was 5 mV(More)
The acuity of hearing and speech recognition has been checked in two groups of elderly persons: 1) Subjects aged between 50 and 80 years without any ear disease or hearing problems; 2) Subjects of similar age with noise-induced permanent hearing loss (NIPHL). The speech recognition threshold was evaluated in both groups by numbers of second order, and the(More)
Neben der Beschallung durch Hintergrundmusik findet in erschreckendem Umfang eine Belastung des Gehörs mit c Musik in Lautstärken statt, die denen des Lärms in der Industrie entsprechen oder sie sogar überschreiten und damit unmittelbar zu bleibenden Funktionsstörungen der äußeren Haarzellen und auch zu bleibender Schwerhörigkeit führen. Diese Problematik(More)
Anatomical investigations were carried out on 39 human brains ranging in age from the 29th week of development to the 70th year of life. It was demonstrated that myelination, as a prerequisite for functional maturation, takes place during the 1st year of life. Functional maturation was analyzed with electrophysiological techniques. Normal development(More)
We have followed up 91 patients for 3 or more years after stapes surgery for otosclerosis, 59 by stapedectomy and 32 by stapedotomy. The surgical technique was chosen randomly. Both surgical techniques achieved significant hearing improvement, but in the higher frequencies (3 kHz) the results of stapedotomy are better and more stable than those after(More)
This paper presents an example of how existing visualiza tion methods can be successfully applied after minor mod i cations for allowing new sometimes unexpected insight in scienti c questions in this case for better understand ing unknown microscopic biological structures We present a volume rendering system supporting the visualization of LCM datasets a(More)
This pnpcr prcncds ori cmnrplc oJ hoc/~ ex:i.stirrg vi.suolirrrtion m&hods cun be successfully applied after minor modijicfrtiows -for frlloi~:ircy new, s0rr1cti1r1c.s r111cqJc&d i11.sifJh1 in scicrdific rprc.stiorr.s. in this for belter urrdcrslnrrdirrg unknown. rrrit:roscop,ic biologicrrl struclurcs. WC prt:scrrl ri volurnc rr:rrtlt:ririg(More)