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Transport of reactive solute in unsaturated soils under an infiltration-redistribution cycle is investigated. The study is based on the model of vertical flow and transport in the unsaturated zone proposed by Indelman et al. [J. Contam. Hydrol. 32 (1998) 77], and generalizes it by accounting for linear nonequilibrium kinetics. An exact analytical solution(More)
Solute transport is investigated in a heterogeneous aquifer for combined natural-gradient and well flows. The heterogeneity is associated with the spatially varying hydraulic conductivity K(x, y, z), which is modelled as a log-normal stationary-random function. As such, the conductivity distribution is characterized by four parameters: the arithmetic mean(More)
Penetration of reactive solute into a soil during a cycle of water infiltration and redistribution is investigated by deriving analytical closed form solutions for fluid flux, moisture content and contaminant concentration. The solution is developed for gravitational flow and advective transport and is applied to two scenarios of solute applications(More)
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