Peter Hyland

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The paper explores the manner in which an organization's data and information can be effectively utilized to assist an organization to achieve its business objectives. With the increased popularity of data warehousing and executive information systems, there is renewed interest by IT practitioners in data models and database structures, in particular(More)
While a range of miRNAs have been shown to be dysregulated in the circulation of patients with breast cancer, little is known about the relationship between circulating levels and tumour characteristics. The aim of this study was to analyse alterations in circulating miRNA expression during tumour progression in a murine model of breast cancer, and to(More)
Service composition aims to provide an efficient and accurate model of a service, based on which the global service oriented architecture (SOA) can be realized, allowing value added services to be generated on the fly. Unlike a traditional software module, which runs within a predictable domain, Web Services are autonomous software agents running in a(More)
—We describe the signal-processing logic, firmware, and software for a frequency-domain multiplexed (FDM) biasing and demodulation system that reads out Transition Edge Sensor (TES) bolometer arrays for mm-wavelength cosmology telescopes. This system replaces a mixed-signal readout backend with a much smaller, more power-efficient system relying on(More)