Peter Hyland

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The Millimeter-Wave Bolometric Interferometer (MBI) is designed for sensitive measurements of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB). MBI combines the differencing capabilities of an interferometer with the high sensitivity of bolometers at millimeter wavelengths. It views the sky directly through corrugated horn antennas with low(More)
A computational model of programmed cell death (PCD) in the nervous system is described. A neurobiologically realisable method for identifying and removing the least useful cells from a network is developed, and it is shown by simulation that an artificial neural network can solve difficult problems efficiently if it is given more neurons initially than it(More)
Linear and selective undo mechanisms have been studied extensively. However, relatively little attention has been given to the semantics of selective undo in situations in which the undone command has dependency relationships with actions later in the command history. We propose a new approach to selective undo using a process modeling language from the(More)
The paper explores the manner in which an organization's data and information can be effectively utilized to assist an organization to achieve its business objectives. With the increased popularity of data warehousing and executive information systems, there is renewed interest by IT practitioners in data models and database structures, in particular(More)
Although the Web, cell phone `apps' and cloud computing put a world of information at our fingertips, that information is under constant threat from cyber vandals and hackers. While awareness of information threats is growing in the Western world, in places like Saudi Arabia, information security is very poor. Unlike Western pluralistic democracies, Saudi(More)