Peter Hosten

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Personalized multimedia content which suits user preferences and the usage environment, and as a result improves the user experience, gains more importance. In this paper, we describe an architecture for personalized video adaptation and presentation for mobile applications which is guided by automatically generated annotations. By including this annotation(More)
Background subtraction is a widely used technique for video object segmentation. Its main drawback is its constraint to video from a static camera. Several proposals have been made to extend background model generation to camera movement, while few approaches can cope with many degrees of freedom in camera motion. We present a method to generate background(More)
This paper presents a new self-adapting and content-sensitive optimization technique for the H.264/AVC in-loop deblocking filter [1], focussing on the visual enhancement of the perceived reconstruction quality. Performed frame-wisely at the encoder side, the proposed algorithm first identifies visually important image regions in the currently decoded and(More)
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