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Internet use and video gaming predict problem behavior in early adolescence.
In early adolescence, the time spent using the Internet and video games is higher than in any other present-day age group. Due to age-inappropriate web and gaming content, the impact of new media useExpand
Predicting User Knowledge Gain in Informational Search Sessions
In this paper, we introduce a supervised model to predict a user's knowledge state and knowledge gain from features captured during the search sessions. Expand
Analyzing Internet Forums
We argue that Internet forums can yield an abundance of useful “natural” discursive data for social scientific research. Expand
Analyzing Knowledge Gain of Users in Informational Search Sessions on the Web
We investigated the impact of information needs on the search behavior and knowledge gain of users, revealing a significant effect on user queries and navigational patterns, but no direct effect on the knowledge gain. Expand
The triple‐filter bubble: Using agent‐based modelling to test a meta‐theoretical framework for the emergence of filter bubbles and echo chambers
Filter bubbles and echo chambers have both been linked recently by commentators to rapid societal changes such as Brexit and the polarization of the US American society in the course of DonaldExpand
Essentialism and attribution of monstrosity in racist discourse: Right‐wing internet postings about Africans and Jews
We investigated a total of 4997 postings on an extreme right-wing Internet discussion board with regard to the groups and themes mentioned. The most frequently mentioned target groups were Africans,Expand
Editorial Political Cartoons in Australia: Social Representations & and the Visual Depiction of Essentialism
Six million migrants from over 170 countries have resettled in Australia since 1945 ensuring religious diversity is now a hallmark of Australia’s population. However, not all religious groups areExpand
Construction and Deconstruction of Essence in Representating Social Groups: Identity Projects, Stereotyping, and Racism
Projecting essence onto a social category means to think, talk, and act as if the category were a discrete natural kind and as if its members were all endowed with the same immutable attributesExpand
Consequences of media information uptake and deliberation: focus groups’ symbolic coping with synthetic biology
Whenever a new, potentially controversial technology enters public awareness, stakeholders suggest that education and public engagement are needed to ensure public support. Both theoretical andExpand
German Muslims and the ‘Integration Debate’: Negotiating Identities in the Face of Discrimination
Based on five focus groups (total N = 56) with German Muslims, we analyze discourses on the experience of discrimination and feelings of national and religious attachment. The focus groups took placeExpand