Peter Hertling

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An !-word p over a nite alphabet is called disjunctive if every nite word over occurs as a subword in p. A real number is called disjunctive to base a if it has a disjunctive a-adic expansion. For every pair of integers a; b 2 such that there exist numbers disjunctive to base a but not to base b we explicitly construct very simple examples of such numbers.(More)
The main results of the paper are two e ective versions of the Riemann mapping theorem. The rst, uniform version is based on the constructive proof of the Riemann mapping theorem by Bishop and Bridges and formulated in the computability framework developed by Kreitz and Weihrauch. It states which topological information precisely one needs about a nonempty,(More)
We discuss the question whether the Mandelbrot set is computable. The computability notions which we consider are studied in computable analysis and will be introduced and discussed. We show that the exterior of the Mandelbrot set, the boundary of the Mandelbrot set, and the hyperbolic components satisfy certain natural computability conditions. We conclude(More)
This paper reports the first phase of a project whose aim is the automatic generation of tool center trajectories for robots engaged in spray painting of arbitrary surfaces. The first phase consists of proposing a mathematical model for the paint flux field within the spray cone. We have called this quantity the paint flux field partly to emphasize that it(More)