Peter Hepperger

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Hilbert space-valued jump-diffusion models are employed for various markets and derivatives. Examples include swaptions, which depend on continuous forward curves, and basket options on stocks. Usually, no analytical pricing formulas are available for such products. Numerical methods, on the other hand, suffer from exponentially increasing computational(More)
We present a numerical method for pricing Bermudan options depending on a large number of underlyings. The asset prices are modeled with exponential time-inhomogeneous jump-diffusion processes. We improve the least-squares Monte Carlo method proposed by Longstaff and Schwartz introducing an efficient variance reduction scheme. A control variable is obtained(More)
Variational data assimilation problems are concerned with computing unknown initial values for the simulation and prediction of natural phenomena, most notably in weather prediction, and are usually solved via an ill-posed optimal control problem for the initial state at the time of the first available measurements. An alternative “forward” approach focuses(More)
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