Peter Hennessy

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The: value ot the prompt recognition oi uic initial lesion in syphilis is now universally acknowledged. The Medical Research Committee write as follows:?" Treatment undertaken in the early primary stage is relatively simple and assured, and is a matter of weeks; after the infection has become generalised, with the development of a positive Wassermann(More)
Sir,?The following case is worthy of record Name.?Singaram, age 25, Dhoby. History.?On Friday (5th October, 1917) at 11 A.M., whilst working at a fence the patient felt a pricking sensation and saw some drops of blood on his forefinger. Almost immediately he recognised he had been bitten by a snake which was lying coiled with head up and hood expanded. With(More)
a large number of the population of this country are left with spleens very much larger than normal. The liability to injury of this organ is therefore much increased, and one is inclined to believe that the figures for rupture of the spleen in any one place should vary directly as the prevalence of malarial fever. Some evidence in support of /this(More)
This paper addresses the question of the social policy harmonization in the European Union. In adopting a common monetary policy Europe is faced with structural and fiscal concerns, as national growth levels di¤er. Another possible factor in output shocks are the levels of various social expenditures in the member countries. OECD data on the level of social(More)
seen to be realised. In bites of the fingers particularly, ia destructive process is started, which usually terminates in necrosis of bone and eventually necessitates amputation. From what appears to be a trivial wound arises a protracted illness with constant and increasing pain, and the injury is most intractable to the usual antiseptic treatment. The(More)
History.?On the night of February 29th at 9 p.m., Muthiah, aged 22, Tamil, whilst running along a pathway through rubber trees put his foot on a snake, which bit him. He immediately kicked it away, whilst his friends who were behind him kil]ed it. Within a few minutes, he felt a burning sensation which appeared to travel up the leg. A string was tied around(More)
cyst discovered that he was dealing with a cyst of the spleen, and undismayed performed the first successful splenectomy. In 1893 Reigner performed the first successful splenectomy for a rupture of that organ. So at least it is reported?(vide Lancet, Vol. II, 1913) ; Jacobson mentions Hatch of Bombay in a case in which death resulted from haemorrhage due to(More)