Peter Heaney

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Conceptests are higher-order multiple-choice questions that focus on one key concept of an instructor's major learning goals for a lesson. When coupled with student interaction through peer instruction, conceptests represent a rapid method of formative assessment of student understanding, require minimal changes to the instructional environment and(More)
Dynamic DNA hybridization is presented as an approach to perform gene expression analysis. The method is advantageous because of its dynamic supplies of both DNA samples and probes. The approach was demonstrated on a microfluidic platform by incorporating paramagnetic beads as a transportable solid support. A glass chip was fabricated to allow simultaneous(More)
Electronic student response technologies (SRT) are capable of assessing teaching and learning methods in real time, and they offer an exceptional means of introducing active learning protocols in classes with large enrollments. These wireless systems allow students to key in responses with remote control units to questions posed by an instructor in the(More)
The crystal structure of ramsdellite, MnO2, was refined using time-of-flight powder neutron diffraction data and the Rietveld method in order to assess the effects of reduction in cathodic battery materials. For the first time, we present a refined structure for “groutellite,” a heretofore poorly characterized phase with ideal formula (Mn4+ 0.5Mn(More)
The removal of Mn(II) from coal mine drainage (CMD) by chemical addition/active treatment can significantly increase treatment costs. Passive treatment for Mn removal involves promotion of biological oxidative precipitation of manganese oxides (MnOx). Manganese(II) removal was studied in three passive treatment systems in western Pennsylvania that differed(More)
Rietveld reÞ nements using synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction data were used to study the crystal structure and dehydration behavior of sepiolite from Durango, Mexico. The room-temperature (RT) sepiolite structure in air compares well with previous models but reveals an additional zeolitic H2O site. The RT structure under vacuum retained only ~1/8 of the(More)
Transformation of VOHPO4·0.5H2O precursor to well-crystallized (VO)2P2O7, for n-butane oxidation to maleic anhydride was studied by in situ Raman and XRD techniques. Atomic scale changes observed in the precursor structure at 583 K provided new insights into its transformation to (VO)2P2O7. In addition to (VO)2P2O7, nanocrystalline oxidized -VOPO4 invisible(More)
Rietveld analysis of synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction data for the silica mineral moganite from 100 K to 1354 K has revealed a reversible phase transition from space group I2/a to Imab at approximately 570 K. The thermal expansion behavior of the lattice parameters alters sharply at the transition point, and the monoclinic β angle decreases to 90°. The(More)