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Branch sampling of branch diameter and fruit crop on 22 species of Barbadian trees and shrubs provided sufficient data to build regressions between plant size and fruit crop weight. Orchard plants bear much more fruit than wild, feral or garden plants of similar size, but this difference disappears in multiple regression of fruit crop weight (F in g, fresh(More)
The present study explored different approaches for automatically scoring student essays that were written on the basis of multiple texts. Specifically, these approaches were developed to classify whether or not important elements of the texts were present in the essays. The first was a simple pattern-matching approach called "multi-word" that allowed for(More)
This paper describes the design of a game which is aimed at teaching argumentation skills to college students. Ability to understand and generate arguments is critical for STEM and a broad range of other fields, but it is sorely lacking in students today. Building on our prior experience creating intelligent tutoring systems for teaching argumentation(More)
  • James Clerk, Maxwell Telescope, +37 authors T. Zijlstra
  • 2009
This paper describes a new Heterodyne Array Receiver Programme (HARP) and AutoCorrelation Spectral Imaging System (ACSIS) that have recently been installed and commissioned on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT). The 16-element focal-plane array receiver, operating in the submillimetre from 325 to 375 GHz, offers high (three-dimensional) mapping(More)
Research Methods Tutor (RMT) is a dialogue-based intelligent tutoring system for use in conjunction with undergraduate psychology research methods courses. RMT includes five topics that correspond to the curriculum of introductory research methods courses: ethics, variables, reliability, validity, and experimental design. We evaluated the effectiveness of(More)
Research Methods Tutor (RMT) is a dialog-based intelligent tutoring system designed for use in conjunction with courses in psychology research methods. The current RMT system includes five topic sections: ethics, variables, reliability, validity, and experimental design. The tutor can be used in an “agent mode,” which utilizes synthesized speech and an(More)
Integral-field spectroscopy is the most effective method of exploiting the superb image quality of the ESO–VLT, allowing complex astrophysical processes to be probed on the angular scales currently accessible only for imaging data, but with the addition of information in the spectral dimension. We discuss science drivers and requirements for multiple(More)
We describe the design and performance of the Medium Resolution Spectrometer (MRS) for the JWST-MIRI instrument. The MRS incorporates four coaxial spectral channels in a compact opto-mechanical layout that generates spectral images over fields of view up to 7.7 x 7.7 arcseconds in extent and at spectral resolving powers ranging from 1,300 to 3,700. Each(More)
Controlling the reaction and the product quality in a large Polyester Intermediates plant has been an intractable problem for many years. Handling difficulties and the hazardous nature of the process has made it impossible to get real time measures of the product or of the dissolved catalyst. Model Predictive Control was implemented, but failed to give(More)