Peter Harvey

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OBJECTIVES Recent prevalence studies in Australia, the USA and Canada have estimated 1-2% of the adult population meet the diagnostic criteria for problem or pathological gambling. The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service (SGTS) provides treatment for problem gamblers in key metropolitan and rural regions in South Australia. The aims of this study were(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the prevalence of neural tube defects in small geographical areas and seek to explain any spatial variations with reference to environmental lead and deprivation. SETTING The Fylde of Lancashire in the north west of England. DESIGN Cases were ascertained as part of a prospective survey of major congenital malformations in babies(More)
OBJECTIVES DISTINCT (reDefining Intervention with Studies Testing Innovative Nifedipine GITS - Candesartan Therapy) aimed to determine the dose-response and tolerability of nifedipine GITS and/or candesartan cilexetil therapy in participants with hypertension. METHODS In this 8-week, multinational, multicentre, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled(More)
Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems provide a natural mechanism for multiagent coordination and agreement. To date, algorithms for Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems have tended to mirror existing non-distributed global-search or local-search algorithms. Unfortunately, existing distributed global-search algorithms derive from classical(More)
It has been estimated that 80% of Australians engage in some form of gambling, with approximately 115,000 Australians experiencing severe problems (Productivity Commission 2010). Very few people with problem gambling seek help and, of those who do, large numbers drop-out of therapy before completing their program. To gain insights into these problems,(More)
of Wollongong, is wholly my own work unless otherwise referenced or acknowledged. The document has not been submitted for qualifications at any other academic institution. Abstract This thesis investigates issues with existing approaches to distributed constraint satisfaction, and proposes a solution in the form of a new algorithm. These issues are most(More)
This study provides a systematic review of the empirical evidence related to the association between problem gambling and intimate partner violence (IPV). We identified 14 available studies in the systematic search (8 for victimisation only, 4 for perpetration only and 2 for both victimisation and perpetration). Although there were some equivocal findings,(More)
The effects of maternal year of birth and age on the declining prevalence of neural tube defects after 1972-3 were examined using 403 cases ascertained in a prospective study in the Fylde of Lancashire during 1957-89. Matched case-control data were analysed using conditional logistic regression analysis. The risk of an anencephalic baby was significantly(More)