Peter Hank

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This paper discusses novel communication network topologies and components and describes an evolutionary path of bringing Ethernet into automotive applications with focus on electric mobility. For next generation in-vehicle networking, the automotive industry identified Ethernet as a promising candidate besides CAN and FlexRay. Ethernet is an IEEE standard(More)
This paper provides an overview on facts and trends towards the introduction of connected electric vehicle (EV) and discusses how and to what extent electric mobility will be integrated into the Internet of Energy (IoE) and Smart grid infrastructure to provide novel energy management solutions. In this context the EVs are evolving from mere transportation(More)
The Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial, asynchronous, multi-master communication protocol for connecting electronic control modules, sensors and actuators in automotive and industrial applications. With the SJA1000, Philips Semiconductors provides a stand-alone CAN controller which is more than a simple replacement of the PCA82C200. Attractive(More)
The present experiments explore whether repetition priming in a word-stem completion task is context-dependent. In the first experiment, the environmental context was changed or remained constant at the testing stage. Implicit memory performance did not reveal any effects of environmental context. When tested by free recall, however, the same subjects(More)
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