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Usually, methods for thresholding wavelet estimators are implemented term by term, with empirical coecients included or excluded depending on whether their absolute values exceed a level that re¯ects plausible moderate deviations of the noise. We argue that performance may be improved by pooling coecients into groups and thresholding them together. This(More)
Reconstructing vasculature in three dimensions is a challenging problem. Early approaches concentrated on coronary vasculature in X-ray images, recent work uses magnetic resonance imagery of cerebral vasculature. In both cases a priori information has been used, and often the way this is represented has proven limiting to the scope of applications(More)
Shape has been well studied in many disciplines, yet to the best of our knowledge the question as to whether there is a set of elementary pla-nar shapes that appear commonly in the world around us has never been asked. If such a set exists, then the elemental shapes could play a similar role in shape analysis as the primary colours do in colour analysis.(More)
This paper examines the use of visualisations in the field of information security and in particular focuses on the practice of information security risk assessment. We examine the current roles of information security visualisations and place these roles in the wider information visualisation discourse. We present an analytic lens which divides(More)
The authors are concerned with the reconciliation of private rights that intellectual property rights (IPRs) represent with the public benefit deriving from properly developed technical standards. One of the key difficulties in achieving this aim is that IPRs are increasingly perceived as conflicting with other norms; in particular, the relationship between(More)
This paper addresses the segmentation of videos with arbitrary motion, including dynamic textures, using novel motion features and a supervised learning approach. Dynamic textures are commonplace in natural scenes, and exhibit complex patterns of appearance and motion (e.g. water , smoke, swaying foliage). These are difficult for existing segmentation(More)