Peter Hale

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Although largely solitary, humpback whales exhibit a number of behaviours where individuals co-operate with one another, for example during bubble net feeding. Such cases could be due to reciprocal altruism brought on by exceptional circumstances, for example the presence of abundant shoaling fish. An alternative explanation is that these behaviours have(More)
This recommended practice defines the characteristics necessary on new equipment for head end power (HEP) sources, including diesel-driven alternators, inverters and utility-supplied wayside power. The HEP source is comprised of power source, switchgear, control system (incorporating trainline complete functions) and connections to vehicle HEP trainline(s).(More)
HSCI 5990 explores a variety of topics at the cutting edge of research in the history of modern science and technology. Rather than seeing this course as an introduction to some elusive canonical narrative of the history of modern science and technology, students should understand it as an opportunity to explore subjects of particular relevance in(More)
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