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Laudable, ahistorical and overambitious: security sector reform meets state formation theory.
Security sector reform (SSR) is a concept that is highly visible within policy and practice circles and that increasingly shapes international programmes for development assistance, securityExpand
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Geopolitics in the changing geography of the Baltic Sea Region: the challenges of climate change
ABSTRACT This article outlines the possible geopolitical consequences of climate change in the Baltic Sea Region. In order to do so it also presents a framework that understands geopolitics as aExpand
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The Realm as a European Form of Rule : Unpacking the Warfare Thesis through the Holy Roman Empire
The Realm as a European Form of Rule : Unpacking the Warfare Thesis through the Holy Roman Empire
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Stability without Statehood: Lessons from Europe's History before the Sovereign State
The way the sovereign state is taken for granted in political theory prevents an explanation of historical and contemporary organizations and phenomena different from this ideal type. Peter HaldenExpand
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New agendas in statebuilding : hybridity, contingency and history
1. Introduction: The Need for New Agendas in Statebuilding, Robert Egnell and Peter Halden Part I: New Theoretical aPProaches to Statebuilding 2. Hybrid Statebuilding, Roger Mac Ginty 3. AgainstExpand
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Heteronymous politics beyond anarchy and hierarchy: The multiplication of forms of rule 750–1300
Anarchy and hierarchy are two central concepts of International Relations theory but as conventionally defined they cannot describe political life for most of Western history. Neither conceptExpand
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Mod, dygd och militär habitus
Reconceptualizing state formation as collective power: representation in electoral monarchies
This article deals with the importance of collective power and value consensus among elites for medieval polity formation by analyzing electoral monarchies. State formation theory focuses on theExpand
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