Peter H. Salus

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When the ARPANET was being conceptualized and then designed, one of the reasons for ARPA's investment was to link a number of different computers, each of which had a different proprietary operating system running on different hardware. At a meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in late 1967, Wes Clark, then of Washington University in St. Louis, suggested that(More)
conference reports Coar's description of the HTTP project was more illuminating, involving XML and Djakarta (=Apache-Java). Last year there was an interesting ALS session on Beowulf, so, on Friday, I trotted along to hear Jim Reese (of Google) talk about Linux clustering. He referred to his talk as " Scaling the Web: An Overview of Google, A Linux Cluster(More)
Tom Strong died in September' after a lengthy battle with lung cancer and a brain tumor' From its conception through issue 3'3' Computing Systems was set bY Tom. Through my three years as Executive Director' I worked closelywithTom:membershiprenewals,electionmaterials(for the 1984, 1986, f qá8, ""¿ 1990 elections)' manual a1{ tape order forms _ even ttre(More)
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