Peter H. Cole

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This book is a comprehensive guide to networks of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based Electronic Product Codes (EPCs) in supply chains, and its topics range from standardised hardware designs through known vulnerabilities, security and privacy models, and to concrete proposals for RFID authentication in various scenarios: machine readable documents,(More)
For a dense RFID reader deployment, such as in warehouse RFID deployment, where hundreds of antennas are positioned in a building, the interference between all these readers must be studied carefully to avoid severe reader collisions. Strict RFID regulations and standards have been imposed, trying to address the problem of reader collision and also the(More)
In the implementation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems concerns have been raised regarding information security and violations of end-user privacy. There is a large collection of literature available on efficient and inexpensive cryptographic engines, but they are still extravagant solutions for low cost RFID systems. Security and privacy(More)
⎯ RFID has its many applications, one use of this technology is for livestock identification. Animals such as cattle and sheep are tagged for purposes such as disease control, breeding management and also stock management. In this paper, a small passive RFID tag that can be attached to an animal’s ear and operating at UHF is presented. This paper covers the(More)
Meander line dipole antennas (MDA) are useful as radio frequency identification (RFID) tag antennas because of their relatively high radiation efficiency and small size. A method has been proposed recently to obtain the resonant frequency of an MDA by calculating its inductance. According to this method, the resonant characteristics of MDA are related to(More)
Low cost Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems are increasingly being deployed in industry and commerce. These contactless devices have raised public concern regarding violation of privacy and information security. There is a growing need in the RFID community to discover and develop techniques and methods to overcome several problems posed by the(More)
The study and analysis of RFID antenna positioning is important for supply chain large-scale deployment. In a dense reader environment, there are multiples of RFID readers and readers interference reduces the reliability and efficiency of the RFID system. In the worst case, the interference would paralyse an entire RFID system. This paper explores antenna(More)