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The steroid hormone 20-OH ecdysone triggers a classic and well-defined program of chromosome puffing that is assumed to reflect changes in transcriptional activity in Drosophila salivary glands. Mutations in each of four Broad-Complex locus (BR-C) complementation groups were analyzed for their effects on the expression of other genes that reside in several(More)
Individual blastocysts from cows were cultured for 3 h under 5% CO2 in air, in 4 microliters droplets of Ham's F-10 medium containing D-[5-3H]glucose, D-[1-14C]-glucose, D-[6-14C]glucose, [2-14C]pyruvate, or L-[U-14C]glutamine, and with or without 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP) or phenazine ethosulphate (PES). The 14CO2 or 3H2O produced were collected by exchange(More)
Seven-day-old embryos were collected from Canadian Holstein and Ayrshire heifers after superovulation with pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin (PMSG) or follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). A total of 103 morphologically abnormal (type C) and 23 morphologically normal (type A) embryos were cytogenetically analyzed after 4, 20-24, or 44-48 h of culture in(More)
Total proteins, albumine and globulins of serum and uterine secretions were evaluated in two groups of 15 normal and 15 repeat breeder cows. Cyclic significant variations of all studied parameters were observed in uterine secretions of normal cows although only total proteins showed the same pattern in repeat breeder cows where individual variations were(More)
Embryos (1-cell to elongated blastocyst stage) were recovered from superovulated heifers at surgery (Days 2-4; oestrus = Day 0), after slaughter (Day 4), or by transcervical flushing (Days 6, 7 and 14). The 175 embryos were cultured for 4, 8, 24 or 48 h, fixed on slides and sequentially stained with Giemsa and silver nitrate. Twenty-three 2-cell to(More)
  • P Guay, M Bedoya
  • Canadian journal of comparative medicine : Revue…
  • 1981
The effects of gonadotrophin releasing hormone injection into pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin treated cows on serum levels of luteinizing hormone, estradiol-17 beta and progesterone and ovulation rates was evaluated in 20 cows. Pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin treatment does not always induce superovulation as was shown in this study. Luteinizing(More)
Records from two breeding colonies (A and B) located near each other were analyzed for this experiment. Colony A consisted of 19 bitches (8 Maltese, 5 Yorkshire, 3 Lhasa Apso, and 3 Bouvier des Flandres), while Colony B consisted of 48 Beagle bitches. A total of 126 interestrous intervals (141 estrous cycles) from Colony A were reviewed to quantitate the(More)
Semen from three stallions was used to evaluate the effectiveness of two antibiotics added to semen extender for samples stored at 20 degrees C or 5 degrees C for up to 48 hours. Each ejaculate was divided into six different treatments: semen+extender (SE); SE+gentamicin (100 micrograms/mL); SE+polymyxin B (1000 units/mL); and each of the above treatments(More)
Morphological evaluation of embryos is essential to the success of embryo transfer procedures and is presumed to reflect embryo metabolic activity. To investigate this assumption, correlations between morphological and metabolic parameters were determined for cultured murine morulae. After 18 h (n = 47) or 36 h (n = 48) of culture in M16, the developmental(More)