Peter Großmann

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During a period of eight years (1984 to 1992) we found 45 dislocations in 1734 patients treated by total hip arthroplasty. We compared this retrospectively evaluated group with a randomized control group of 61 patients. As a cause for an increasing number of dislocations in 1989 we found: age over 70 years, high CCD-stem-angle (142 degrees), dorsal(More)
We describe the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem (PESP) based on periodic event networks and extend it by symmetry constraints. The modeling power of the PESP is discussed for automatic calculation of feasible periodic railway timetables. Including the described extensions, complete modeling of integrated regular-interval timetables is possible. Encoding(More)
The Wason selection task is probably the most famous and best investigated research paradigm in the psychology of reasoning. In the classical abstract version people are presented with cards and have to check a conditional statement. Numerous psychological studies have shown that most people do not solve this task in terms of classical logic correctly and(More)
Counterfeit microelectronics present a significant challenge to commercial and defense supply chains. Many modern anti-counterfeit strategies rely on manufacturer cooperation to include additional identification components. We instead propose Side Channel Authenticity Discriminant Analysis (SICADA) to leverage physical phenomena manifesting from device(More)
The periodic event scheduling problem (PESP) is a well studied problem known as intrinsically hard. Its main application is for designing periodic timetables in public transportation. To this end, the passengers' paths are required as input data. This is a drawback since the final paths which are used by the passengers depend on the timetable to be(More)
Radiologic assessment of foot deformities in young children is limited especially by the ossification status. Ultrasonography proved to be a useful diagnostic supplement e.g. in idiopathic talipes equinovarus, vertical talus, and tarsal coalitions. Effects of treatment and three-dimensional movements of the tarsal joint complex can be delineated.(More)
SAT solvers have been already successfully applied in several industrial fields, which are not directly related to propositional logic. In this work, the periodic event scheduling problem (PESP) will be presented and, furthermore, the order encoding from a PESP instance to a SAT instance. The N P-complete PESP is particularly important in several traffic(More)