Peter Grist

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Soil erosion in the Philippine uplands is severe. Hedgerow intercropping is widely advocated as an effective means of controlling soil erosion from annual cropping systems in the uplands. However, few farmers adopt hedgerow intercropping even in areas where it has been vigorously promoted. This may be because farmers find hedgerow intercropping to be(More)
The profitability to smallholders of rubber production in Imperata infested areas of Indonesia was assessed using an existing bioeconomic model. An Imperata groundcover component was incorporated within the model as follows: tree girth = f(Imperata groundcover) = f(relative shading) = f(crown height, canopy width, tree spacing) = f(tree girth). The first(More)
Input/output data from tree growing experiments in Southeast Asia were analysed within the framework of a model of a smallholder farm. Data on cropping were obtained from surveys of farmers. Prior to formulating a whole farm model, this input/output data were modified in two ways: (a) a yield penalty was imposed upon a continuous cropping regime to reflect(More)
PURPOSE Although the US has lagged behind international developments in health technology assessment (HTA), renewed interest in HTA in the US has been fueled by the appropriation of $1.1 billion comparative effectiveness research (CER) in 2009 and the debate over health care reform. APPROACH To inform CER practices in the US, we present case studies of(More)
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