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Information technology plays a significant role enabling organisations to achieve their objectives. Accordingly, the governance mechanisms over the organisation’s IT resources must be in place and operating effectively if the organization is to achieve its objectives. The concern with IT governance is not only evident in the private sector but also in the(More)
Organizations today engage in various forms of alliances to manage their existing business processes or to diversify into new processes to sustain their competitive positions. Many of today’s alliances use the IT resources as their backbone. The results of these alliances are collaborative organizational structures with little or no ownership stakes between(More)
Little is known about the general healthcare needs of detainees in police custody. The aims of this study were to: determine the level of general health issues, diseases and/or pathology for detainees in police custody, and to determine how well those general health issues, diseases and/or pathology are being managed. This was done by a detailed analysis of(More)
Effective IT governance will ensure alignment between IT and business goals. Organizations with ineffective IT governance will suffer due to poor performance of IT resources such as inaccurate information quality, inefficient operating costs, runaway IT project and even the demise of its IT department. This study seeks to examine empirically the individual(More)
The concept of cloud computing services is appealing to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with the opportunity to acquire modern information technology resources as a utility and avoid costly capital investments in technology resources. However, the adoption of the cloud computing services presents significant challenges to the SMEs. The SMEs need to(More)
Inversions are an important form of structural variation, but they are difficult to characterize, as their breakpoints often fall within inverted repeats. We have developed a method called 'haplotype fusion' in which an inversion breakpoint is genotyped by performing fusion PCR on single molecules of human genomic DNA. Fusing single-copy sequences(More)
The growing importance of information technology (IT) as a strategic factor for organisations in achieving their objectives, have raised the concern of organisations in establishing and implementing effective IT governance. The phenomenon is not only happened in private sectors but also in public sectors. This study attempts to examine empirically the(More)
Given the substantial investment in information technology (IT), and the significant impact it has on organizational success, organisations consume considerable resources to manage acquisition and use of IT in organizations. While, various arguments proposed suggest which IT governance arrangements may work best, our understanding of the effectiveness of(More)