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This article proposes an evolutionary model of risky behavior in adolescence and contrasts it with the prevailing developmental psychopathology model. The evolutionary model contends that understanding the evolutionary functions of adolescence is critical to explaining why adolescents engage in risky behavior and that successful intervention depends on(More)
An airborne wireless sensor network (WSN) composed of bird-sized micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) enables low cost high granularity atmospheric sensing of toxic plume behavior and storm dynamics, and provides a unique three-dimensional vantage for monitoring wildlife and ecological systems. This paper describes a complete implementation of our SensorFlock(More)
The acetylcholine activated conductance of chick ciliary ganglion neurones grown in tissue culture was studied by the patch clamp method. Single channel currents at 30°C had a conductance of 38–42 pS, a reversal potential near +10 mV and an average open lifetime of 1.08 ms (range 0.74–1.54 ms) at the resting potential. The presence of a single component in(More)
The control of Cl− conductance in rat parotid isolated acinar cells was studied by combined use of whole-cell recording and flash photolysis techniques. Cells were voltage-clamped either at a membrane potential of −40 mV or stepped between −85 mV and 0 mV. Bath-applied carbachol and noradrenaline evoked Cl− current at −85 mV and K+ current at 0 mV. Similar(More)
This paper presents a net-centric communication, command, and control architecture for a heterogeneous unmanned aircraft system comprised of small and miniature unmanned aircraft. An integrated system was developed using a bottomup design approach to reflect and enhance the interplay between networked communication and autonomous aircraft coordination. The(More)
This paper presents an overview of the COBRA-ABS behavioural high-level synthesis tool. COBRA-ABS has been designed to synthesise custom architectures for arithmetic intensive algorithms, specified in C, for implementation on multi-FPGA Custom Computing Machine (FCCM) platforms. It performs globally optimising high level synthesis using simulated annealing,(More)
The membrane currents evoked in voltage-clamped cells by a voltage step or by a pulse of neurotransmitter, released from nerve terminals or applied in vitro, are made up of the sum of many small unitary currents that flow through ion channels, aqueous pores in the cell membrane. Such summed, macroscopic, currents contain a component of ‘noise’ that results(More)