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Benzodiazepine abuse is indicated by excessive and long-term consumption, particularly by the elderly. Side-effects associated with long-term use are reviewed with special reference to the problem of dependence. Factors predictive of such dependence are examined and procedures for its management are described.
The effect of exercise on 125I-insulin binding to monocytes was studied in 10 healthy subjects. We found that acute exercise (bicycle ergometer for 3 h) led to a significant increase (36%) in insulin binding to monocytes, which returned to basal levels by 24 h after exercise. The changes in insulin binding were mainly due to an increase in receptor(More)
Our laboratory serves a 450-bed acute care hospital in the rapidly growing Gold Coast region. The problem facing the department comprised an almost 10 per cent yearly increase in patient numbers in the face of budgetary constraints and pressure to increase efficiency. In January and February 1992 a vigorous effort was made to reduce pathology test numbers(More)
Supramaximal electrical field stimulation was employed to produce biphasic response in segments of cervical and thoracic tracheas and in first generation of bronchi isolated from guinea pigs. This response consists of contraction (as measured by maximal active tension, ATmax) followed by relaxation (as measured by maximal active relaxation, ARmax). First,(More)
How a man may adapt to the multiplicity of changes that sometimes occur in himself and in his world during the fifth decade of his existence is largely predetermined by lifelong experience and conditioning. Some men have difficulty adjusting to these changes. A physician has the potential to help these men by positively applying his practical knowledge of(More)
After noting several contemporary societal factors that contribute to increasing concern about bioethical issues in general, the author focuses on special problems that confront the general or family practitioner. These problems arise from the family physician's large number of potentially conflicting roles and relationships.