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J. Veitch, V. Raymond, B. Farr, W. Farr, P. Graff, S. Vitale, B. Aylott, K. Blackburn, N. Christensen, M. Coughlin, W. Del Pozzo, F. Feroz, J. Gair, C.-J. Haster, V. Kalogera, T. Littenberg, I. Mandel, R. O’Shaughnessy, M. Pitkin, C. Rodriguez, C. Röver, T. Sidery, R. Smith, M. Van Der Sluys, A. Vecchio, W. Vousden, and L. Wade School of Physics and(More)
T. Sidery, B. Aylott, N. Christensen, B. Farr, W. Farr, F. Feroz, J. Gair, K. Grover, P. Graff, C. Hanna, V. Kalogera, I. Mandel, R. O’Shaughnessy, M. Pitkin, L. Price, V. Raymond, C. Röver, L. Singer, M. van der Sluys, R. J. E. Smith, A. Vecchio, J. Veitch, and S. Vitale School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT, United(More)
What does it mean to compare sets of objects along a scale, for example by saying "the men are taller than the women"? We explore comparison of pluralities in two experiments, eliciting comparison judgments while varying the properties of the members of each set. We find that a plurality is judged as "bigger" when the mean size of its members is larger than(More)
Because L1 learners of natural languages do not receive negative evidence, a basic challenge in designing a psychologically plausible learning algorithm is to ensure endstate restrictiveness. That is, the learner must be assured of arriving at a grammar which allows only the structures allowed in the target language, and no others. If the learner mistakenly(More)
How flexible is an individual’s accent during adulthood, and how does this flexibility relate to longer-term change? Previous work has found that accents are remarkably flexible in conversational interaction, but predominantly stable over years, leading to very different views of the role of individuals in community-level sound change. This article examines(More)
Title: The Superior Precentral Gyrus of the Insula does not appear to be 1 functionally specialized for articulation 2 3 Abbreviated title: SPGI not specialized for articulation 4 5 6 Evelina Fedorenko, Paul Fillmore, Kimberly Smith, Leo Bonilha and Julius 7 Fridriksson 8 9 Massachusetts General Hospital, University of South Carolina, Medical University of(More)