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Cognitive enhancement (CE) is the pharmaceutical augmentation of mental abilities (e.g., learning or memory) without medical necessity. This topic has recently attracted widespread attention in scientific and social circles. However, knowledge regarding the mechanisms that underlie the decision to use CE medication is limited. To analyze these decisions, we(More)
BACKGROUND The use of cognitive enhancement (CE) by means of pharmaceutical agents has been the subject of intense debate both among scientists and in the media. This study investigates several drivers of and obstacles to the willingness to use prescription drugs non-medically for augmenting brain capacity. METHODS We conducted a web-based study among(More)
Der ungewollte Abfall der Körperkerntemperatur unter 35 °C ist eine schwerwiegende Gesundheitsstörung. Meist ist sie auf Umwelteinflüsse zurückführbar; es kommen jedoch genauso sekundäre Ursachen für ihre Entstehung in Frage. Notfallpatienten sind praktisch immer durch Wärmeverlust gefährdet. Eine Hypothermie höheren Schweregrads stellt u. a. aufgrund einer(More)
In the method described, two coherent light beams are directed at the partially transmitting film in such a way that two new beams are emitted. A comparison between the intensities of the outgoing beams enables one to determine the thickness, refractive index, and absorption coefficient of the film. One advantage of the method is that no absolute values of(More)
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