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Previous screen readers provide blind WWW-users only with the textual contents of the web pages, but exclude the access to important information coded in the layout of web pages. The approach we introduce here shall overcome the layout barrier of webpages with the help of three-dimensionally auditory objects ("hearcons") which are positioned in an auditory(More)
The teeth of sea urchins are built of magnesiumrich calcite. Sea urchin teeth are considerably stronger than compact calcite. They have no homogeneous crystal lattice with preferred cleavage plain but consist of the primary tooth skeleton (the tooth elements) and of the secondary tooth skeleton (calcareous discs), i. e. they are built up as composite(More)
In diesem Beitrag werden die Möglichkeiten zur direkten Manipulation von akustischen Objekten, den Hearcons, beschrieben. Dazu wird ein für die Steuerung der Mausbewegungen unabdingbares akustisches Feedback erzeugt, das die Auswahl und Bearbeitung hörbarer Objekte erlaubt. Die Grundlage für diese Ohr-Hand-Koordination ist eine Kombination von permanent(More)
This article reports on a Special Interest Group meeting held at CHI '94, Boston, to discuss the past, present, and future of "Tools for Working with Guidelines". Though working with guidelines has gained today more common practice than in the past, it is still not always obvious which methods can be effectively used for managing guidelines during the whole(More)
Binaural sound perception allows humans to localize sound sources in space. Modern spatialization soundcards already offer the possibility to place virtual sounds in a virtual auditory environment. We use this to augment the acoustical environments of blind users with virtual auditory interaction objects („hearcons“) representing the interaction objects of(More)
EXPOSE is an expert system with the objective to provide user interface designers with empirical knowledge about common practice of the application domain, with software-ergonomic (HCI-) knowledge comprised from psychology and ergonomics research findings and with procedural knowledge about a principled approach (design rationale) to user interface design.(More)
Interest in HCI education is on the rise. As the HCI body of knowledge continues to grow, educators in academia and industry are seeking out ways to translate, present and incorporate such knowledge in textbooks, courses and even degree programs. The increasing number of faculty, courses, texts and programs focusing on HCI are testimony to this increasing(More)