Peter Gore

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In this work, a method to infer 3D dimensions of flat objects from a single image is presented. The idea is based on the computation of position of a reference object lying in space. A sheet of A4 paper is used as the reference object and the camera is calibrated using the four corners of the paper. Once the position of reference paper is known, further(More)
Gangliosides were extracted and purified from ovine testis and ejaculated spermatozoa which contained, respectively, 57 and 9 nmol lipid-bound sialic acid per gram wet weight. Fourteen gangliosides were resolved by thin-layer chromatography of testicular gangliosides, of which eleven were purified in sufficient quantity to enable a complete compositional(More)
Conventional procedures for electrophoretic identification of grain samples according to variety are too slow to permit checking at the time of delivery. The method described permits electrophoretic identification within an hour. It involves extraction of gliadin proteins from crushed grain with 6% urea solution or ethylene glycol, cathodic electrophoresis(More)
New precast microgels are described for use in quickly identifying seed of cereal varieties by determining protein composition within an hour. For example, gliadin proteins are extracted from crushed wheat grain, wheatmeal or flour with ethylene glycol (centrifugation not necessary) and 5 microliters extract is applied to a Micrograd gel (3-15% gel(More)
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