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is one of ten regional units mandated by Congress and established in Fall 1988 to support research, education, and training in surface transportation. The UC Center serves federal Region IX and is supported by matching grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and the University. Based on the(More)
The Los Angeles metropolitan region is a prime target for a terrorist attack. There are many specific targets: the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), downtown high-rises, its theme parks, its freeways, and its ports, among many others. We have developed a spatially disaggregated economic impact model that can evaluate all of these and any other(More)
This Project Highlight describes Year 3 activities of our Argos research. The purpose of the research is to develop a flexible data query and analysis system based on the web services paradigm. Our application domain is metropolitan goods movement. The project began in August 2003. We seek to blend computer science and social science approaches by(More)
We present ongoing work on developing an automated integration system for freight flow analysis and planning. To overcome the limitations of current estimation methods for commodity flows, we use reliable secondary sources, including small-area employment data, and derive estimates in a plausible way by means of a computational workflow. When available, we(More)
Relying on a wide array of data sources, we specify and apply what we believe to be the first operational interstate input-output (IO) model for the United States. The National Interstate Economic Model (NIEMO) provides results for 47 major industrial sectors (USC sectors) for all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and a residual (or leakage) region, "(More)
Arguments concerning the relative role of semantic and grammatical factors in word formation have proven to be a wedge issue in current debates over the nature of linguistic representation and processing. In the present paper, we re-examine claims by Ramscar [Ramscar, M. (2002). The role of meaning in inflection: Why the past tense does not require a rule.(More)
PURPOSE To describe the processes and outcomes of developing and implementing a Continuity of Care Document (CCD), My Health Profile, as a personal health record for persons living with HIV (PLWH) in an HIV/AIDS Special Needs Plan in New York City. METHODS Multiple qualitative and quantitative data sources were used to describe the processes and outcomes(More)
We summarize an integrated, operational model of losses due to earthquake impacts on transportation and industrial capacity, and how these losses affect the metropolitan economy. The procedure advances the information provided by transportation and activity system analysis techniques in ways that help capture the most important economic implications of(More)
Based on a rigorous and current review of evidence on sexuality education programmes, this International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education is aimed at education and health sector decision-makers and professionals. It has been produced to assist education, health and other relevant authorities in the development and implementation of school-based(More)
We use data on air passenger travel expenditures per passenger as well as statistical analysis of the air traffic lost for the two-year aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks to estimate direct demand losses for air transportation services. These are used along with a national input-output model to assess the full costs of these losses. Depending on(More)