Peter Gjøl Jensen

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The Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) is an industry standard which enables co-simulation of complex heterogeneous systems using multiple simulation engines. In this paper, we show how to use FMI in order to co-simulate hybrid systems modeled in the model checkers SPACEEX and UPPAAL. We show how FMI components can be automatically generated from SPACEEX(More)
Automatic strategy synthesis for a given control objective can be used to generate correct-by-construction controllers of reactive systems. The existing symbolic approach for continuous timed games is a computationally hard task and current tools like UPPAAL TiGa often scale poorly with the model complexity. We suggest an explicit approach for strategy(More)
Metric Temporal Logic MTL<sub>0,&#226;ˆž</sub> is a timed extension of linear temporal logic, LTL, with time intervals whose left endpoints are zero or whose right endpoints are infinity. Whereas the satisfiability and model-checking problems for MTL<sub>0,&#226;ˆž</sub> are both decidable, we note that the controller synthesis problem for(More)
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