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This paper presents a longitudinal study on the acquisition of first, second, and third person pronouns in twelve French-speaking and twelve English-speaking children. Comprehension and production data were collected every two months, beginning when the subjects were aged 1;6 and ending once pronouns were fully acquired. Three hypotheses concerning the(More)
This study examined the evolution of visual perspective-taking skills in relation to the comprehension and production of first, second and third person pronouns. Twelve French-speaking and 12 English-speaking children were observed longitudinally from 1.6 until they had acquired all pronouns and succeeded on all tasks. Free-play sessions and three tasks(More)
The direct solar energy conversion in gigawatt scales by photovoltaic, photothermal, and photoelectrochemical processes is of national and global importance in meeting energy needs. Dust depositions on solar panels and solar concentrators cause efficiency loss from 10% to 30% depending upon the surface mass concentration of dust requiring manual cleaning(More)
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