Peter Giese

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The Central Andes are the Earth's highest mountain belt formed by ocean-continent collision. Most of this uplift is thought to have occurred in the past 20 Myr, owing mainly to thickening of the continental crust, dominated by tectonic shortening. Here we use P-to-S (compressional-to-shear) converted teleseismic waves observed on several temporary networks(More)
The paper investigates the appropriateness of a kernel for load distribution. We demonstrate kernel beneets by presenting a load distribution implementation on top of the Mach kernel. Our load distribution scheme is based o n t h r ee main parts: task migration, load information management and distributed scheduling. We show that it is relatively easy to(More)
The sporadic form of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (sCJD) has been classified on the basis of the molecular mass of the protease-resistant scrapie prion protein (PrP Sc), which can be type 1 or type 2, and the genotype at the methionine (M)/valine (V) polymorphic codon 129, which can be MM, MV or VV. In one classification proposed by Parchi et al., sporadic(More)
The role of software process modeling in planning industrial measurement programs. Software process technology, although already valuable and promising, is still an immature field of research [23]. Several problems are unsolved but attempts are made in order to overcome this situation. A few of these points are listed below in order to give an impression(More)
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