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Exploratory spatio-temporal visualization: an analytical review
A structured inventory of existing exploratory techniques related to the types of data and tasks they are appropriate for is considered, which is potentially helpful for data analysts—users of geovisualization tools. Expand
Interactive analysis of event data using space-time cube
The technique of space-time cube, which has been earlier proposed for the visualization of movement in geographical space, possesses the required properties, but it must be implemented so as to allow particular interactive manipulations: changing the viewing perspective, temporal focusing, and dynamic linking with a map display through simultaneous highlighting of corresponding symbols. Expand
Evolution of a participatory GIS
The evolution of the integrated system is reviewed from first experiments in 2001, the resulting requirements and a succession of prototypes up to the latest solution, which provides Java-based web-enabled services for the interactive, explorative generation and analysis of thematic maps. Expand
Tools for visual comparison of spatial development scenarios
We suggest a set of visualization-based exploratory tools to support analysis and comparison of different spatial development scenarios, such as results of simulation of various spatially relatedExpand
Exploring Changes in Census Time Series with Interactive Dynamic Maps and Graphics
A system that combines interactive thematic maps, dynamic statistical graphics, and advanced controls for manipulating them is proposed, specifically designed in order to support visual investigation of changes in data. Expand
Geovisualization of forest simulation modelling results: A case study of carbon sequestration and biodiversity
Sustainable forest management requires new tools to analyze spatial and temporal forest dynamics and to examine those forest parameters that are related to sustainability. We built a prototype systemExpand
Supporting visual exploration of object movement
A dynamic map display controlled through a set of interactive devices called time controls is proposed to be used as a support to visual exploration of spatial movement. Expand
Integrating forest simulation models and spatial–temporal interactive visualisation for decision making at landscape level
There is a need to create a new, user-friendly modelling system integrating forest ecosystem models with exploratory data visualisation for methodologically easy and expressive decision-making based on expert evaluation and a long-term simulation at the forest enterprise or landscape level. Expand
Visualization of spatio-temporal information in the Internet
This work implements a kind of mapping in a collection of Java applets designed for various types of spatially referenced time series data: occurrences of events, movement of objects in space, and statistical data referring to parts of territory. Expand
Impact of Data and Task Characteristics on Design of Spatio-Temporal Data Visualization Tools
In the chapter, visualization software tools for three different types of spatio-temporal data developed using a task-driven approach to design are presented and it is demonstrated that different exploratory tasks may be anticipated in these three cases and that different techniques are required to properly support exploration of the data. Expand