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The use of computers in the teaching and learning of undergraduate level mathematics raises many still unanswered questions about the relationships between students' perceived abilities and attitudes towards mathematics and computers (both separately and interactively), and their performance on assessment tasks. This paper reports on an investigation of the(More)
Human bone marrow contains cells which form leukocyte colonies in semisolid culture media. Each leukocyte colony arises from a single colony-forming cell which is thought to be a unipotential stem cell, and which is subject to regulation in vitro by colony-stimulating factor. In acute myelogenous leukemia variable abnormalities in colony formation by marrow(More)
H EMOLYTIC ANEMIA may be found in association with solid tumors and cross transfusion studies indicate that hemolytic factors are resident in the circulation.13 Although there have been many studies of erythrocyte production and destructio&4 the production and destruction of granulocytes have not been reported in nonleukemic malignant disease. The present(More)
We describe two assays to detect the action of colony-inhibiting cells. In the first assay, we used a simple density separation technique to remove dense neutrophils (PMN) from suspensions of blood and of bone marrow cells prior to culture in semisolid agar. Conditions were arranged to ensure that control suspensions of unseparated cells and test(More)