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In this paper we assess how coordination among base stations can be exploited to improve downlink capacity in fourth generation (4G) cellular networks. We focus on heterogeneous networks where low-power pico cells are deployed within the coverage area of an existing macro network with the aim of offloading traffic from the (potentially congested) macro(More)
tured that certain binary sequences having a simple trace description possess the ideal autocorrelation property. In the present correspondence it is shown that each such sequence is balanced and, moreover, that the dual of the linear cyclic code generated by the sequence and its cyclic shifts, is a triple-error correcting code having the same weight(More)
An exhaustive search for (1023, 511, 255)-cyclic diierence sets has been conducted. A total of 10 non-equivalent (1023, 511, 255)-cyclic difference sets have been found, all of which are members of previously known or conjectured innnite families. A fast and eeective autocorrelation test method was utilized that can also facilitate the test of longer(More)
This contribution considers entitlements and benefits in the Hungarian health care system. After a brief introduction to the organizational structure of the system the decision-making processes are discussed in detail, including the most important actors, types and pieces of legislation, formal structures, decision-making criteria, and outputs in terms of(More)