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The development of online and virtual teaching and learning environments to augment formal face-to-face environments raises questions about the way the new communication and information (CIT) technologies are being incorporated into the on-campus environment. More importantly, this development challenges the meaning of the on-campus student learning(More)
For evanescent Markov processes with a single transient communicating class, it is often of interest to examine the limiting probabilities that the process resides in the various transient states, conditional on absorption not having taken place. Such distributions are known as quasistationary (or limiting-conditional) distributions. In this paper we(More)
—The designers of a large scale video-on-demand system face an optimization problem of deciding how to assign movies to multiple disks (servers) such that the request blocking probability is minimized subject to capacity constraints. To solve this problem, it is essential to develop scalable and accurate analytical means to evaluate the blocking performance(More)